Can an artifiacial intelligence have consciousness?

This is a pretty big deal since man created computers. Scientists managed to understand ( I think they just have an idea ) how brains cells work, so they managed to copy them using modern technology and computers.

Artificial intelligence now evolved to a pretty nice level, where robots are able to learn all by themselves. The road is rough and long, but it leads to a great deal of discoveries that can make our future brighter.

What scientists could not understand is how consciousness works, thus they were not able to implement it into artificial intelligence. The question is: is it possible? Why is the quality of a few animals, among them human creatures, that they have consciousness and they want to understand themselves by understanding their environment?

If we view this from a bit further, it appears like something got a new vessel, a body, and it takes 3-4 years to learn how to control it. Now the brain is in full and precise control of the body since our birth. Why cant we walk than? Because there is something else, a curious thing that has to learn the whole world, walking among them, to control anything.

We should talk about this, we mean about ourselves, since understanding ourselves and our environment is how our consciousness adapts to this world.

Knowing this, we can say that artificial intelligence cannot have consciousness, since not the matter creates consciousness, but consciousness creates matter ( it creates by observing ).