How the simple man is limited in freedom

So, it was a long time ago that I wrote anything on this blog. Let me change that 🙂

Today I will get into a bit of conspiracy theory, so bear with me.

You know that theory that the whole world is ruled by some individuals who are above nations and banks and everyone? Today I want to tackle the part that regards the simple, working class person about this theory and will try to bring this down to the level of simple logic.

Let me start with free will. Now, of course, everyone has free will. I mean, if you want to be a fish, you can try to do so. The only thing that will LIMIT you are the other people, who think you are straight stupid. So you have free will, but the consequences need to be put on your shoulders.

The other aspect is wanting to do things that other people do: have a home, have basic things for a better living, have a family, have a car, etc. Now the problem with this is that you are LIMITED by the amount you earn in your work. So you need to work 9 hours a day to earn enough money to have the basic things needed to live well. Do you see the irony?

The whole picture is that there are a few people who are capable of creating things. Like farmers, artists, all kinds of creators. Now these people represent only a small part of the whole, the rest is all about selling these products. So we live in a world where the ones who actually create something are the poor, and the ones who sell their hard work are the rich.

The rich, of course, want the simple creators to think that without the rich paying the creators, the creators could not live. Now that is absolutely false. The people that create can survive the burning of the world, but the rich have nothing to sell, to eat, to live with, if the ones who create, stop creating.

If you are born in a lower social level, it is very hard to get higher, since you are raised in the mentality, that you need to work to earn money, to have something to live by. So, you are LIMITED in your freedom to become who you want.

I am not saying that it is not possible. BUT, it is not easy and not for everyone.

And finally, a funny example: Donal Trump said that he had it very hard and had to work hard to become who he is, because his father only gave him like 2 million dollars to start. WHAAAAAAT? 😀

Dimensions and energies

We will try to make this as short as possible for this is a large area to cover.

Based on current knowledge, everything is energy functioning in different frequencies. How does this form a car, or ourselves, or the air we breath? Very simple. There is a frequency array our world is built from. We know that in order for something to exist, it has to move. Let us explain this a bit: if a sub-particle is not moving, or otherwise not emitting a frequency, it does not exist. This is why the absolute zero is just theoretical, because matter would not exist without moving or emitting a frequency.

Like Einstein told so many times, the world exist only because there are referral points knowing of each other in the world. Let us take this to frequencies. We know that electromagnetic fields influence each other and when two fields are working on similar frequencies, they resonate with each other, creating a push or pull between each other. This means that two different things like our hands and a wall never really touch each other, we just feel so.

The understandable world is just this array of frequencies that resonate with each other. On the very edge are things like the neutrino that barely resonate with our array of frequencies, thus not having contact with our world.

This does not mean that other arrays cannot exist. An other array that contains much higher or much lover frequencies would simply not be perceived by our array, since these frequencies do not resonate. An example would be the light passing through glass, the light has high frequency, while the glass has low frequency. They having similar frequencies would mean that light could not pass glass.

Of course we must take in consideration the spaces between particles, the size of fields they create, etc.

Now particles exist in every dimension. A dimension is always the projection of a higher dimension. The only problem with this is that projection means data loss. To make this a little easier, lets take a bottle. If you put a bottle on a paper, and say there is a person in 2 dimensions on the paper viewing this bottle, the person will only see a circle and will not know what that is. For him, it could also be glass or a piece of wood.

Now this means that being in this dimension, we cannot image the 4th dimension, since we are made out of the 3rd dimension. We mean we cannot perceive it. It is possible to imagine it, also it is there, we know it from mathematics, but we cannot understand the extension of our array of frequencies in the fourth dimension, because we only see the circle that is the bottom of the bottle.

These views of the world let many things become possible, but are also logical and understandable. Since every person perceives the world otherwise, making things more simple is a way to create an image in many heads.

It is possible that people do not talk about these things, because they think it is too hard to understand.

Here is a video demonstrating how frequency affects shapes:


How money prevents our free will

Ok, we want to apologize from the beginning because this is a topic that was already analyzed too many times. Even so, we want to shed a personal light on the matter.

So, there is a human being with a strange attitude towards the world: want to save the humans from becoming stupid, wants to save the world, wants to leave a mark, but despises money and is lazy as hell.

If we take in consideration the fact that people are meant to live in groups, society, our people is in a bad situation. We arrived in a point in our modern life where anything is possible given enough amounts of money. This means our hero could save mankind, given the amount of money. Now to get that money, our hero must become super intelligent, work his ass off, or simply somehow get a lot of money. It would be easy to born wealthy, since a good thinking person would invest the wealth into making more money, thus getting closer to the goal.

This is a bit harder if our hero is born into poorness, since it has to make a bigger effort and walk a longer road, but this is not a thing that makes the goal impossible.

If we think inside the box of our current possibilities, reaching an enormous wealth from nothing is close to impossible.

The main problem is the following: if we get on the road of making a lot of money, our goal gets in second place. Money will be the reason of our hero doing what he is doing and not the reason he started in the first place. This shows how money as the blood of the current society makes free will fade or at least get in second place. Of course, one can do whatever he wants, but that usually goes against society and results on loss of money, or total moneylessness.

We discussed how the saving of the world needs money, but since that can only be done if one does what he wants, we have a conflicting situation.

A fine video about free will

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