How someone can change totally because of a small thing

People change in many ways. Experiences always change us a little bit, and the more experiences we have, the more we change. However, with age, the number of changes get high and we change harder and harder, because we build a lot of walls around us and we enforce the existing ones. Every experience we live makes our walls stronger. This is why people get stubborn with age, they change harder and harder.

There is however a property we can learn or encounter as experience. This is openness. If someone is open to change and can hold to this personal property, one can always change in very unexpected ways.

For example: I was always a person, who liked challenge, liked to travel and experience new and exciting things. But, because of a small experience I had, I changed. Now I want to stay near my home and build a future. It is a totally strange thing for me, to change in this way.

I thought about this a lot. I still do not know the cause, but it has to do something with the realization that I enjoy creating useful things around me. And traveling and just messing around is not creating any value.

So, this small realization played the main role of a huge change.

I am fairly certain that other people have such changes in their lives and this usually happens when one has enough experience to not thrive for the great mysteries of life anymore, but just enjoy every minute of it.

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes. (Hugh Prather)