Cancer and the big fuss

Lets start with the basic truth: cancer is not deadly, it can be cured, the patient can be healed. This is an absolute truth, but there are people who do not want you to know.

This article will follow the topic based on pure logic and rational thinking. So, cancer. What is it? To put it simply, it is the deformation, malfunctioning of a cell that then starts to spread. It is like a birthmark, or a wart. Both of those are a type of cancer, only they do not spread so fast and they are harmless. Now if our body can cure these types of cancer by its own, why would it not be able to do so with any other type of cancer?

Lets get to this from another angle. Every type of disease, illness, sickness comes from a deeper source than simply the body (exception when a train cuts off your legs). Doctors already know this, that is why placebo treatment works so well, since our mind can force our body to quickly heal.

Now this means that every type of cancer can be healed, since it is an inner disease of the body, not an external one. The only thing one has to do to get cured is to change his / her way of life. It is so simple.

Why do people not know this? Because it would be also logical for me as a pill-making company to say to people that a given disease is not curable so I can make a lot of pills for sick people to buy. If I told everyone that almost every sickness can be cured at home without pills, I would loose all that money I gathered for my new island I just wanted to buy.

It would be nice to talk about these things, let people know that there is hope, they just need to be more open-minded.

A longer version: