How to be curious

If we want to talk about things that nobody talks about, the first thing to do is to find out what these things are. To find out anything, one has to be curious.

Curiosity is the ground for anything that takes mankind forward. Taking this in account, any information one is curious about should be free to access. Luckily this is more and more so since we have internet.

Now the problem is, that internet has too many information. The information packages are too many and too fuzzy. Finding out something on the internet is not an easy job and usually it is very confusing.

That is why we made a short list with the steps one has to take to get precise information:

  1.  Find a topic that nobody talks about
  2. Try to reduce it to as few keywords as possible
  3. Search for it with the reduced keywords
  4. Gather the same information from multiple sources. This is important, because in many places objectivity is not taken seriously thus the topic becomes subjective to the writer.
  5. Filter the gathered information by getting only the bits that are the same in every information source.
  6. Make an objective list with the information you gathered. That’s it, you have pretty precise information about the topic you wanted.

If you use only one source of information, you will be misguided. Also, the amount of information is huge and it takes some time to get the core out, but it is worth it.

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