Why you cannot be productive if tired

I’m not even in the mood to write this entry. But, I will try to do it anyhow.

It is not true that men is a separate thing from nature, from the universe. On rainy days you cannot even detach from your bed. A human being is always in connection with the environment, it is made from the same material as the universe itself. The only thing saying otherwise is the EGO.

Anyhow, since we are made of nature, we are highly influenced by nature. So, if the weather is bad, our mood usually is the same. Bad mood and tiredness do not go well with productivity. It is hard to be creative and productive, if all you can think about is how confortable your bed is.

The problem with the system is, that it makes you work eight hours every day, not matter what mood you are in. It does not let you arrange your day so it fits you, but makes you work the same, no matter what mood you are in.

Also, corporations usually forget, that you are human. They forget that you have feelings, mood swings and they always want the same productivity from you, no matter what. There are some people who work like robots, but I do not think that we came here to be robots.

So, if you are tired, it is best that you rest, instead of trying to be productive or creative, because you cannot be anyhow.

We did not come here to work five days and pay our bills. We came here to live, to play, to experience, to learn.


Why is it profitable to be homeless

First of all, lets start with why someone becomes homeless. In my opinion, anyone, who does not want to work hard enough for something, can become homeless. Some people are born poor, some become poor, but the main reason they give up is usually lack of inspiration and a lot of “I do not give a fuck”.

Anyhow, this article is not about why people become hopeless, but about the people who are living on the streets of big cities like rats and beg for money, but do not want to do anything to earn it.

I saw in Budapest a lot of homeless guys, who sleep on the streets. I spoke to some of them and I realized that these people decieve you. They usually come in the capital only during summer, when they can sleep here and there. Some of them actually have a place where to live in some small village, or simply come from other countries just to beg for money.

A homeless guy makes around 10 to 50 euros per day, if he begs good enough. Tourists give them money, because they think they deserve it. Actually, most of the homeless guys have a heartbreaking fictional story to tell to people, just to make them feel miserable and give them a lot of money.

I once asked  a guy: why don’t you go to a small village, ask somebody to let you live with them and work hard every day to start a new life? They said that it is not worth it, since they make a lot more money doing nothing than working hard every day.

Of course, there are also the dillusioned ones, the people who have six diplomas and cannot find work. The situation is the same: they think they are better than some small job they could get as a start.

Remember one thing:

Working is never a shame!

Why working from home is not good

For ones who are trough this experience, we do not recommend working from home. Why not? Lets talk about it.

First of all, everybody thinks that working from home is so good. You are comfortable in your own environment, cozy in your own chair, in your own environment. And the biggest problem is exactly this.

Working from home makes you too comfortable. You do not have to get up early, you eat when you want, you even do what you want. Probably everybody dreams about working from home, but let us tell you, that it is not good.

Having your own project and working on it is nice and good, but not from home. You will simply loose motivation after a time. Slowly it makes you too comfortable and you just become unsociable, grumpy and too proud of yourself.

You need to get up in the morning and go to an other place that is dedicated to one thing, your work, let it be your own project or any project you are working on. You get up, go to that place and since you are there, you shut out everything else, every personal thing and just do what you are there for. Even if you cannot work like eight hours, dedicating a given time just to that project on a place made for this will get you further.

If you work from home, there are always some things that draw your attention away and you will not be able to concentrate. You will want to cook something, or just make a tea, or you neighbor comes in to talk.

So, don’t work from home! 🙂