Hydrogen and the Oil

Even if this is a very important topic, people simply forget about it. This is like the government or some influential bodies simply try to manipulate people’s mind to not think and talk about this topic.

This blog is not about taking parts, so we try to raise our voice to bring this topic into view.

Burning hydrogen creates water and the detonation is stronger than the one regular fuel produces. Creating and maintaining such a car would cost more, but would not harm the environment.

It is also certain, that big oil companies will not smile and let their income diminish, so even if nothing can be proven, they are trying to stop or slow down the use of hydrogen fuel cars and hydrogen propulsion in general.

The hydrogen powered car: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_vehicle

Those, who see that our finite resources are at their end, are trying to make steps. (http://www.forbes.com/2008/06/19/natural-gas-hydrogen-biz-energy-cx_wp_0620natgas.html)

We hope that we are not too late for the change. This change is easily explained by the exponential function:

The mathematical precision of the great pyramids

You ever wondered, how could the people of Egypt build such perfect structures as the Pyramids? There are a lot of things people say about how they got built and some even connect them with aliens.

The truth is, that nobody really knows the whole truth. One thing is certain however: the level of design and the punctuality of the work is remarkable.

The following video talks about these small things that nobody talks about that will make you rethink some of your believes about the pyramids.