How curses really work

This post is not some supernatural thing about witches and such. This post is about the probability of a curse working.

We all know that on some point we are all connected. That there is a common conscious we all belong to, or at least we are made from the same building blocks as anything around us.

Taking this thought for our foundation, I want to make an example that is overblown just to show the basic idea. What if 2000 people are wishing that you brake your leg? You probably will brake it. The curse basically is the same thing. Someone puts a curse on you, meaning they wish something bad happens with you. Usually one person cannot cause much harm with a curse, but there are people who can really put a lot of energy in the thought of you getting hurt, so they manage to influence in some part any bad happenings with you.

For example, there are parts in the world where orthodox priests still put curses on people for money. Also he can lift the curse for money.

The biggest problem with curses is that people believe in them. If you believe that curses work, they will affect you simply because of the placebo effect. If you think that curses are bullshit and still strange things happen with you, probably you caused some harm to someone and they really hate you for it.

So, if you feel cursed, just think about what bad things you did and go apologize or fix the problems you caused. It will lift any curse from you that you might have.

Dimensions and energies

We will try to make this as short as possible for this is a large area to cover.

Based on current knowledge, everything is energy functioning in different frequencies. How does this form a car, or ourselves, or the air we breath? Very simple. There is a frequency array our world is built from. We know that in order for something to exist, it has to move. Let us explain this a bit: if a sub-particle is not moving, or otherwise not emitting a frequency, it does not exist. This is why the absolute zero is just theoretical, because matter would not exist without moving or emitting a frequency.

Like Einstein told so many times, the world exist only because there are referral points knowing of each other in the world. Let us take this to frequencies. We know that electromagnetic fields influence each other and when two fields are working on similar frequencies, they resonate with each other, creating a push or pull between each other. This means that two different things like our hands and a wall never really touch each other, we just feel so.

The understandable world is just this array of frequencies that resonate with each other. On the very edge are things like the neutrino that barely resonate with our array of frequencies, thus not having contact with our world.

This does not mean that other arrays cannot exist. An other array that contains much higher or much lover frequencies would simply not be perceived by our array, since these frequencies do not resonate. An example would be the light passing through glass, the light has high frequency, while the glass has low frequency. They having similar frequencies would mean that light could not pass glass.

Of course we must take in consideration the spaces between particles, the size of fields they create, etc.

Now particles exist in every dimension. A dimension is always the projection of a higher dimension. The only problem with this is that projection means data loss. To make this a little easier, lets take a bottle. If you put a bottle on a paper, and say there is a person in 2 dimensions on the paper viewing this bottle, the person will only see a circle and will not know what that is. For him, it could also be glass or a piece of wood.

Now this means that being in this dimension, we cannot image the 4th dimension, since we are made out of the 3rd dimension. We mean we cannot perceive it. It is possible to imagine it, also it is there, we know it from mathematics, but we cannot understand the extension of our array of frequencies in the fourth dimension, because we only see the circle that is the bottom of the bottle.

These views of the world let many things become possible, but are also logical and understandable. Since every person perceives the world otherwise, making things more simple is a way to create an image in many heads.

It is possible that people do not talk about these things, because they think it is too hard to understand.

Here is a video demonstrating how frequency affects shapes:


Ancient domes and their part in science

We all know that there are a lot of man-made domes around the world. What we do not know is what they were made for.

There is a very interesting theory about these domes that we will cover in this article. The videos covering this topic were removed from Youtube, so we cannot link any this time.

So, lets start in the middle. These domes are natural gas making mechanisms. How they work? The dome is built to keep the gas inside. Below the dome there is a rift deep inside the core of the earth. How is the gas made? It is simple, water flows in the rift, below, due to the high pressure and temperature, the water molecules break and form new bonds with the carbon and other elements in the rift. The gas (like methane) is light, so it comes to the surface, where it is kept by the structure of the dome.

Now the things that make this believable: If you take a look at the natural gas wells, they are all on top of a hill. There are a lot of places in the world where water disappears somewhere and nobody know where. A good example for this is the Danube. When exiting Hungary, it almost has half of the water as opposed of when entering. Now Hungary is full of man-made domes, some are so huge they can be called mountains.

Now another thing about this natural gas making mechanism is that it needed repairing. It sounds strange, but according to this theory, the ditches all over the world were made first to take water wherever it was needed, like in the domes or for watering the plants. Now the roads were made afterwards, and all by a ditch, because the ditches needed fixing from time to time.

Do not forget, we are talking about a very, very ancient system, so do not think about the domes recently built and the roads recently built. These things go way back.


Water flowing into an underground cave