Piracy, money and other overly complicated things

We heard that police raided the pirate bay servers. It is a sad story. The main problem with it is that there are more pressing things to worry about than online piracy. Corruption, poverty, and such things should attract police, not servers.

We never understood why the big filmmakers, game makers and music makers (we use the make verb intentionally) are so pressing when it comes to copying their things. If we think about it, the whole thing is like creating something fun and showing to the world. If they like it, they will probably try to copy it, but a copy is never like the original, so the original is the one everyone is curious about (given it is is interesting enough).

Now the problem is that they do not want to show the original, they want to sell it. Putting a price on a piece of music is like only hearing the sound of birds if you pay first. It is ridiculous. Those, who copy and try to pass it to others only want a piece to reach a wider audience and to give it free. I mean, they bought it first. It is the same like when you buy a film and invite 2000 people over to watch it together. Or like you bought a hammer, but only can go and fix a neighbor’s broken door if he also buys one.

We get that movies need a lot of money to make. The problem is people want to get rich from these movies. They pay huge amounts of money for advertising and other nonsense things and whine about how they cannot make decent money out of poor people.

I respect those who want to pass things to others for free. They think everyone deserves a chance. And they are right. Otherwise a huge gap would form between the base knowledge and entertainment possibilities of the poor and rich. Rich people forget that they live of poor people…

We think a good bridge over this gap are the “pay to have better” games and applications. For example an online movie database where you can view movies in HD, but you would have to pay for fullHD or 4K. Everybody could watch all the movies and those who have small penises can pay for a better experience.

For those who do not want their work to get copied or shared: do not make your product available for the public. There will be always someone who will try to make your product free if they like it. Fighting against it costs you more than realizing that there are other ways, too.

Internet is free, at least it should be.