Learning how to not give a fuck

The thing is that dealing with a lot of stuff draws a lot of energy. A lot of stuff means lives of others, every-day problems, big questions about existence, our vefacebook profile, opinions of others and so on.

It is very hard to manage all these things. It is tiring and makes us lose the concentration we had for reaching our goals, if we had any.

We probably mentioned earlier that is very important to first fill ourselves with energy to be able to give to others. In order to do this, we have to learn to not give a fuck.

This does not mean that we have to become heartless or some robots. This means that we have to decide what is important for us and pursue that thing above all. If we give fucks about other people and their problems, then we actually make them pursue their dreams more easily.

In order to give less fucks, we have to become less interested in some things. For example it is totally useless to concentrate on the number of our facebook friends. Also it is useless to give a fuck about our crush having dinner with someone else. These things dont bring anything, but pain.

We need to learn to smile a lot. If the dog of our neighbor died, it is not our concern. Of course it is sad, but we cannot do anything, so why bother?

The equation is simple. Be interested in fewer useless things, learn to smile a lot and be occupied with your own well being. If you start to live like this, after a time you will feel more relaxed, full with energy and only surrounded by people who are not there to draw your attention.

Happy learning for everyone 🙂


Why not to mess with fate

Now, do not be afraid, we will not be different this time and take the part of religion or science, we just want to reach some conclusions based on our experience.

Let’s start with a little story. This story is based on one’s EGO and the part where it becomes too strong.

There was a fellow who was very stubborn. Trough hard work he reached a level where he was totally independent of others, he had this small business he was running, working from home and doing what he wanted and when he wanted. He was not bad, always being free only to the limit when his freedom did not collide with anyone’s freedom.

His ego was pretty big. It’s no surprise, he did well. The first mistake he did was he said that he knows when he will die and he does not fear anything, because he knows he can not die. The reaction of the universe or fate or call it however you want, was, that he got almost hit by a car that was going to run him over, probably kill him. He was not hit because someone pulled him back from the street. This happened right after what he said.

The second experience about this was that he go drunk, fell, hit his head and lost consciousness for half a day. The worst part was that there was nobody there to help during and that he lost memories about how he got there.

Then he realized that when EGO takes over and wants you to believe that you are unique and you can do whatever you want, you are totally free even from your fate, you get lessons from fate about how to talk about it.

We usually forget that we are made from the same basic construction materials as everything else. Our consciousness is the one that builds EGO to separate itself from everything else, but we cannot be separated, since we are one.

This is like a strange paradox. When you break down ego, you realize that you are part of everything and you do not own anything or anyone and during your life everything you have is temporary. Your ego says otherwise and when someone says that you do not deserve something, your EGO gets angry.

Your ego is like the government. It does not like if someone else has more or better. This is how we are built and many do not realize the bad effects a high EGO can have. Sure, everyone needs a healthy EGO, but standing in front of your fate and spitting in its face is too much. Probably you will be crushed and thrown down on the ground to be dirty and miserable.

We cannot tell anyone what to do and how to do it to have a healthy EGO, this is a personal journey for everyone. One thing is sure: when bad things happen to you, the fault is your EGO. It is always your fault. Realizing this will put you in a different position to view things and help you evaluate everything you have to change about yourself.