Why you cannot be productive if tired

I’m not even in the mood to write this entry. But, I will try to do it anyhow.

It is not true that men is a separate thing from nature, from the universe. On rainy days you cannot even detach from your bed. A human being is always in connection with the environment, it is made from the same material as the universe itself. The only thing saying otherwise is the EGO.

Anyhow, since we are made of nature, we are highly influenced by nature. So, if the weather is bad, our mood usually is the same. Bad mood and tiredness do not go well with productivity. It is hard to be creative and productive, if all you can think about is how confortable your bed is.

The problem with the system is, that it makes you work eight hours every day, not matter what mood you are in. It does not let you arrange your day so it fits you, but makes you work the same, no matter what mood you are in.

Also, corporations usually forget, that you are human. They forget that you have feelings, mood swings and they always want the same productivity from you, no matter what. There are some people who work like robots, but I do not think that we came here to be robots.

So, if you are tired, it is best that you rest, instead of trying to be productive or creative, because you cannot be anyhow.

We did not come here to work five days and pay our bills. We came here to live, to play, to experience, to learn.


Wait for it, or how patience is not always how we imagine it

Patience is a great attribute to anyone who has it. Being able to wait for something or someone is a great plus, but it is hard.

In this post I would like to talk about our fate messing with our patience. People are set to pursue their goals and when it comes to getting something from life, people want it as soon as possible.

People usually can wait for things to come in their life and the universe usually gives what we want, BUT! there are times when we want something and the universe just gives it too late.

But what means being late for the universe? The universe is late when we want a kiss from someone for example, but we can do it only when we are 80 years old. It is too late. Or we want something, but until it arrives, we already managed with something else and we do not need that thing anymore. And the universe just gives it to us, but we just stand there an laugh at our fate, how fucked-up humor it has.

Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out til too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along. (Terry Pratchett)
Maybe our fate just messes with us and we want the wrong thing and that is why we only get it when we realize we do not need it, or we just give up and solve our problem somehow.
I find it too black of a humor from the universe to make us push our patience to new limits just to not deliver.
Bottom line is, do not wait for something too long, if it does not arrive, just go solve your problems otherwise. Or realize that the universe will give everything you want, but can be late, so do other things until what you want arrives.