To masturbate or not to masterbate, this is the question

Ok, here is a spicy topic people do not like to talk about. Somehow people do not like to speak about how they cause pleasure to themselves. It is a bit strange, since almost everybody had a self-pleasuring experience at least once, so this should not be a big thing.

We all have necessities, our bodies are made to reproduce and when hormones kick in, our urge can push very high limits. Talking about how we pleasure ourselves would be very effective for those who are learning, since they could understand what happens and further perfect their own techniques.

This topic is so embarrassing that most of the religions neglect it totally and those talking about it are against it like it is the main and biggest sin in the whole universe. They forget that even the bible has instructions on how to pleasure ourselves and what we have to pay attention to. Why is it bad to touch ourselves?

When we masturbate, our bodies make happiness hormones and chemicals that raise our morale and happiness and give us pleasure. Why would this be bad? Why is feeling happy and satisfied bad?

Girls and boys do this differently, but the goal is the same: reach pleasure. We find it pretty cool however, that the young generation is open about this and they want to talk about it, so why not? Let us break the tabu and speak about this freely.

Also a funny trailer 🙂

Sexual act made a tabu

This is a delicate issue, indeed. People make a lot of mistakes during sex, because they do not talk about it.

Let us start at the beginning. Our parents usually are too shy to talk about the physical part of this act, how to do it, what to tell the other person, etc. This way we have to experience these things ourselves, making it more challenging, but also more awkward.

Sex, meaning the how-to, is really a thing nobody talks about. You may say, that nobody has the right to interfere in someone’s personal life, but the ones who do it, should talk about it.

For example, everything could start by simply getting naked in front of each other, thus getting more comfortable. Nobody should be ashamed of what he / she got, so questions can be fired away: “How do you use that?”, “Everybody has a big one like that?”. Understanding the body of the opposing sex can make things less uncomfortable and leading to a healthy sex life.

This is a topic people should talk more about.

Finally, here is a small video about the difference of porn and real life sex. This is also important, because porn is teaching people wrong ideas and people will start to have big expectations.