How the simple man is limited in freedom

So, it was a long time ago that I wrote anything on this blog. Let me change that 🙂

Today I will get into a bit of conspiracy theory, so bear with me.

You know that theory that the whole world is ruled by some individuals who are above nations and banks and everyone? Today I want to tackle the part that regards the simple, working class person about this theory and will try to bring this down to the level of simple logic.

Let me start with free will. Now, of course, everyone has free will. I mean, if you want to be a fish, you can try to do so. The only thing that will LIMIT you are the other people, who think you are straight stupid. So you have free will, but the consequences need to be put on your shoulders.

The other aspect is wanting to do things that other people do: have a home, have basic things for a better living, have a family, have a car, etc. Now the problem with this is that you are LIMITED by the amount you earn in your work. So you need to work 9 hours a day to earn enough money to have the basic things needed to live well. Do you see the irony?

The whole picture is that there are a few people who are capable of creating things. Like farmers, artists, all kinds of creators. Now these people represent only a small part of the whole, the rest is all about selling these products. So we live in a world where the ones who actually create something are the poor, and the ones who sell their hard work are the rich.

The rich, of course, want the simple creators to think that without the rich paying the creators, the creators could not live. Now that is absolutely false. The people that create can survive the burning of the world, but the rich have nothing to sell, to eat, to live with, if the ones who create, stop creating.

If you are born in a lower social level, it is very hard to get higher, since you are raised in the mentality, that you need to work to earn money, to have something to live by. So, you are LIMITED in your freedom to become who you want.

I am not saying that it is not possible. BUT, it is not easy and not for everyone.

And finally, a funny example: Donal Trump said that he had it very hard and had to work hard to become who he is, because his father only gave him like 2 million dollars to start. WHAAAAAAT? 😀

Poor men’s meditation

Spiritualism is slowly becoming a part of our lives. Taken from the Orient, these teachings offer a lot in the ways of maintaining a healthy soul and life.

There are hundreds of ways, courses that teach you all about these things, but usually for a simple minded person these are over-complicated. One thing they have in common, though, is meditation.

Now it is said that meditation helps you a lot in many ways. And this is true, but when you search for how to meditate, you get a lot and often confusing results.

I want to show you how very simple meditation can actually be. The idea of meditation is to calm your mind and look inside yourself. Now, it is tougher than it sounds, if you want to force yourself. Actually, this is pretty easy. I can compare it to that moment when you lay down in your comfortable chair after a long day, fully exhausted, open a beer and you are not thinking of anything, just enjoying the moment in silence and sipping your beer.

It is pretty easy to achieve such a state. I will try to show the process in points:

  • Find a spot where you can lie down on your back (or on your belly, does not matter) and can feel really comfortable
  • Make your environment silent, or put on some music that does not distract your mind
  • Close your eyes (it is much easier to concentrate with eyes closed)
  • Focus on something, like your heartbeat, or on how comfortable you stay, or the music
  • Focusing will narrow down your thought process into a narrow corridor, where you can concentrate on what you want
  • Actually, this already helps, because it calms you down, makes your brain work less
  • When you can steer your thought process, close out everything in your physical environment, ignore all the external impulses
  • Imagine yourself in a beautiful place, but a simple empty room does the trick
  • Imagine yourself there and another person, or entity that has no face, it is just a being. This being is you, but without time and physical form.
  • Ask questions from this being you want to know, like why does my back hurt, or stuff you want to know, but do not try to answer them yourself
  • If the being does not answer, probably it does not know the answer or it is not possible to tell you the answer. Otherwise you can find out pretty interesting stuff
  • When you are done, first focus on feeling your body, before opening your eyes.


  • It is not easy to concentrate on one thing and you also need a lot of imagination, so it might be hard at first to reach the end steps, so just use the technique to relax
  • First, you will fall asleep a lot, so you can use this as a way to fall asleep easier
  • You can create whole worlds in your mind, forests, beaches, mountains, but do not stray far, because you want to make your brain work as minimum as possible
  • After a time it will be easier and easier to concentrate, so you can do this in a noisy environment. Until then, try to minimize the external impulses that force your brain to pay attention to them

I will tell you how I do it: After I lay on my back comfortably and I calmed my mind, I imagine getting out of my body and flying faster and faster from by body to the edge of the universe. When I reach the edge of the universe, I get into a white room that has nothing in it (I call it the Big Milk). From there I can open a portal to anywhere I want. Usually I get to a beach where I can feel and enjoy the warm sand on my bear feet, the wind on my face and the sound of water crashing in waves. There, I have a small tent where my soul guide awaits me. I usually fly a bit from a mountaintop near the beach with a glider first, then I get into the warm water and wash away all the poison (physical and spiritual) from my body. After that I sit in a chair at the table with my soul guide and we have a nice chat about stuff and drink some refreshing, cold drinks. After I am done with talking, I thank my soul guide for being there and helping, and then come back the way I went there. When I am back in my body, I go over my body to feel every part of it, then I open my eyes.

I am not good at this at all, but even so, this process helps a lot to relax, to let go of my problems and to calm down my mind.

Not choosing is an option!

All my life everyone around me just told me that I have to choose this or that. The people who surrounded me were so simple, that they only saw logic in choice.

What I say about this is: this is bullshit. Not choosing is an option. Let me give you some simple examples.

There is the situation when you are with your friends and they are arguing about something and they are divided into two groups about the topic. Then they tell you to choose. For you the topic means nothing, you do not care about either of the choices, so you do not choose. Usually this causes conflict, because your friends will tell you that if you are not with them, than you are against them. Bullshit! You just don’t care. I personally had a lot of conflict from this, since people around me cannot understand that I do not choose because I am indifferent in the topic. All the choices are equally good or equally bad.

Now the example I gave is in a small group. What about the country we live in? Authority does not like you to not choose. In the world of infinite choices they want you to choose. Either a product or a political view, you are forced to choose. I say, Bullshit! I will not choose. I don’t care about politics and when I want some product, I simply get it, I do not spend hours searching for better offers. I know what I want.

Okay, now we arrive to the more spiritual part of not choosing. Think about your life: you are always forced to choose in everything. Every decision is actually a choice in life. In small things you do not feel the consequences so much, but there are really hard life choices: do you stay with your father, or mother after they divorced? Do you marry that girl, or not? See, not choosing is an option.

Not choosing means anything can happen. Can you understand the freedom in that? When you are faced with a situation where you have to make a very hard choice: simply don’t do it. Who said that you have to? Nobody can force you. If you just step back and observe, you can quickly find out which choice would have been the batter.

Oh, you say if the opportunity comes and you do not choose, you will lose it? You sure feel that way in the moment, but there are no bad choices in life. No matter what path you take in life, they are all the good path. That is why not choosing is also an option. You simply take the stress off your shoulders and walk away. Let the choices solve their issues between each other.